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Picture 1: Conventional rainwater drainage system (Gravity)

Picture 2: Siphonic rainwater drainage system (Siphonic)

Advantages of Siphonic rainwater drainage system (compared to equivalent Gravity system)

- The drainage flow of the Siphonic system is 3-5 times that of the Gravity system

- Reduce the number of drainage funnels on the roof/gutter surface

- Reduce drainage pipe diameter

- Reduce total drainage pipe length

- Siphonic systems have fewer vertical exhaust pipes. Helps the architectural layout be more beautiful, compact and easier to collect water into the tank/culvert location. As well as reducing foundation and underground pipe costs.

- The drain pipe of the Siphonic system can be arranged horizontally along the roof (no need for slope like the Gravity system), so it saves more space.

- Capable of self-cleaning pipes, no need for cleaning intervention due to high flow rate. Reduce pipeline maintenance costs.

- The water flow remaining on the roof is low and is withdrawn in a short time when the Siphonic operates at full capacity, without affecting the water permeability of the roof.

- The underground pipe system is minimized inside the building and significantly reduced outside the house, helping to save costs and improve the ability to build on many specific locations or construction locations.

- Rainwater is collected centrally. Should be easy to collect in storage tanks or reuse tanks (such as irrigation tanks, ponds, or fire fighting water tanks...)

- Speed up construction progress by shortening installation time

- The larger the roof area and building height, the more effective the Siphonic is at drainage

- Reduces time, costs and easily coordinates installation with other items because the pipes do not have slopes

- The appearance of the project is scientific and reasonable.

Disadvantages of Siphonic rainwater drainage system

- The system has not been widely used in Vietnam, so there is not much design and construction experience. For example, pipe weldingHDPE At high altitude, it is also much more difficult to weld pipesHDPE underground like a normal drainage system.

- The Siphonic system will have an amount of water flooding the gutters for a certain period of time, putting pressure on the roof architecture and challenging roof waterproofing.

- Siphonic systems are technically complex.


Siphonic drainage systems are suitable for low-rise buildings and large roof areas (usually over 500m2) such as manufacturing factories, warehouses, shopping centers, airport terminals, conference centers, etc. .